Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Todays Math Class

In todays math class we found the are of G C I F

C, D, I, E = 25m

I, F, E = 12.5m squared

A, H, B = 40m squared

B, C, H, G = 70m squared

C, G, F, I, = 52.5m squared

The area of the Rectangle is 200m squared

30% means 30 out of 100

Percent is a fraction out of 100 or a denominator of 100


eg. 30% = 30 = 0.30

We can use money skills to think of fraction decimal percent

something something something
_______ ________ ________
something 1 100

25 50 10
____ ____ ___
100 100 100
(25%) (50%) (10%)

Find 50 % of $84.60 = $42.30

Find 25% of $84.60 = $21.23

Find 10% of $92.30 = $ 9.23

Find 50% of $45.80 = $22.90

Find 25% of $ 50.00 = $ 12.50

Find 10% of $72.40 = $7.24

Using a ratio table find 37.5% of 120


Using the ratio table find:

75% of 16

60% of 90

40% of 80


  1. Good job Cathlene! You explained your blog post very well, however I did notice some mistakes, like at the beggining you did not spell area right and when you did the thing where you did something over something, you forgot to label which one was fractions, decimals, or percents. But other then that you did an awesome job. Keep up the good work!=)

  2. Good Job! You explained everything very well. The colors and pictures are pretty good.Great Job!

  3. I have a question. When you use a ration table, do you have to add the 50% and 10% together, because I am kind of confused about that, could someone please explain. Thanks!

  4. Sorry if the words wasnt spaced enough the when I was making it it was spaced out but when I posted it, it turned out like that..SORRY!

  5. Good post Cathlene!!!You explained all the things we did in class. You found a picture that we used in class also. The colors were good also. Thank you for posting our homework also. Again, Good Job!!

  6. Good job! You explained what we did today clearly. The pictures and colours that you chose were good, and you added what we have to do for homework! Good job!! :)

  7. Good Job Cathleen:)!U did a great job with explaining how to use the ratio table!Good Job:)

  8. Good job Cathlene!!! I really liked the colours you chose. They weren't too bright which made it easier to read. Both pictures were nice and clear. I think that you could've explained HOW to use ratios to figure out percentages. I also think that you could've either included a video or a link in your post, or maybe even both if you wanted. This would really ake your post great. Another thing that I liked was the reminder of the homework. For some reason there was a huge space near the bottom but that happened to me too. :P Anyways, GOOD JOB!!!!

  9. Great job! The explanation you gave was very good and your pictures were neat and very correct. However, I didn't see a link or a video, so next time, try to put one in. Also, try to space out your something over something fractions so they look right. On the plus side, I liked the colours you used (I really liked the purple) because they make your post really stand out. Keep up the great work! :)

  10. Good job. A very clear and easy to understand explanation. There wasn't a link or a video so think about that the next time you post. The colours were good and you did very well!

  11. Good job Cathlene! I really liked the picture you had in your scribe. You explained every thingy well and it wasn't plain. I don't really have anything else to say, so yeah. Keep up the good work :)

  12. Good Job Cathlene, I liked how you used lots of pictures to help other students what your talking about, your font was really good and I can read it clearly. Keep up the good work. GOOD JOB (:

  13. Nice job, Cathlene! I really liked how you changed some colors based on importance. I really like when you used the color purple, it really stood out! Also your explanations were good. On the other hand, you didn't have a link or a video. Therefore, next time you do the blog try and search for the items you were missing. Overall, you did a really good job!

  14. Good Job Cathlene. You explained everything well.

  15. CATHLENE!GREAT JOB!Everything was well explained and clear. But I agree with Melanie, you should have explained how to use ratios to help figure out percentages. That would have made the post even more clear. I like the colours you used, they weren't really bright and they worked well. Sorry to be negative but I think you made two mistakes. Right at the beginning where you wrote "In today's math class we found the are of GCIF" you missed the a in area, also where you wrote "C,D,I,E= 25m" you forgot to write squared after m.Other than thos it was a great post. ANYWAYS, AWESOME JOB BUDDY! :D

  16. Cathlene, I finally caught up with posting comments on people's post. LOL #_# :D

  17. Good job. You explained everything well. The only mistake I saw is that you put are instead of area. But other than that everything else is good.

  18. Great post, Cathlene! It was explained very well, and you had some good pictures. Next time, you could add a link or a website, but other then that, you covered pretty much everything.

  19. Sorry for the late comment ! Anyways it was very explained. YOu had very good pictures. The one thing you forgot is you forgot a website. (youtube) Anyways Good Post !

  20. Great job , Cathlene you explained everything
    well .

  21. Great job, Cathlene! I liked your colours and it was clear and easy to understand. You had a couple of spelling mistakes, like some others mentioned. You also could have put a link. Other than that, great job!

  22. Hey, nice job Cathlene! What Suzie said, you could have put a link. But everything was well. :)

  23. hey you did good cathlene!!! you did really well good job !!! fr. samarab43