Monday, October 19, 2009

Estimating Decimals with Multiplication

This is a blog of today's notes and homework.

What is the total when estimating?

1.69 x5= Tax is included.

Younger sister says it only costs 5 bucks.

Older brother says it only costs 10 bucks.

What are they thinking, how are they estimating?

Younger sister is thinking Under estimating, just 1.00x5= $5.00

Older brother is thinking Over estimating, 2.00x5= $10.00

Where do the decimals go?
2.2 x 1.8= 3960

Where do the decimals go here?

3.9 x 5.8= 22620
Is $9.00 enough and prove it.

2.57 x 0.45= 118220

Pronghorn: 58kg Dall's: 1.5 times as much as a pronghorn.
How much does Dall's weigh?
Approximate: 90kg. 60x1=60 kg.
90 kg. (In between the two weights.)

60x2=120 kg.
Exactly: 87kg.

Homework is:

46x2.5 = 64x4.5 = First estimate then calculate.

Here is a video for multiplying decimals. If you click multiplying decimals it will take you to a link that explains the multiplying of decimals. Good Luck and I hope it isn't hard to understand.

Mr.Isfeld will be collecting number of the day tomorrow.


  1. That was brilliant! You made no mistakes, and everything made sense. The font was bold enough to read, and the video was actually pretty good. Over all, you did a pretty well job! I give two thumbs up. Keep it up Olivia. :)

  2. Nice job Olivia! Your wrote everything that we did during math period which is awesome and I liked how you used different colors for more important words, they got my attention. Also good job finding a video! I could read everything but I found the numbers sort of hard to read so maybe next time you can make the font bigger for the numbers. Throughout the whole thing you did a great job! :D

  3. Great scribe, Olivia! You wrote exactly what we did today and anyone who missed out on math could easily find out what to do. You could have added a picture, but it's great! I liked how you explained the homework.

  4. This is really good! I especially like the video because it really helps anybody who has trouble with what we are doing in this unit. I also liked how you changed the color of very important words and how you made everything clearly visible by changing the font. But I have to wonder: where is your image and your link? Other than that, you did a very good job!

  5. Good Job!!You did a great job of explaining what we did earlier.Nice video,but Meldrick brings a good point,where is the link and the pictures??Otherwise GOODJOB!!:),:P,XD

  6. Olivia, you did great! I liked how you changed the colours for the important words, the math video was great for people who don't know how to multiply and divide decimals,and you wrote everything we did in math class but made it easier for the people who weren't there to understand! Thumbs up and a :D to you!

  7. You did quite well. I really liked the video because it went well with what we did today. You were quite clear on your explanations and it made sense. You could of put a picture or link in though. Good job!

  8. Good job! You chose a great video and a great picture. They went with the math topic that we were learning about today. I liked that you highlited all of the important facts. As Nils said, you should've included a link and I think that the font is a little too big. Everything else was great!

  9. Good job. I like how you underlined the important words. Next time you should put $ sign every time you multiply with money. For example you put 1.00 x 5 = $10.00. Other than that, everything else was good.

  10. I really liked how you changed the colors of the important words, so that they stand out. But to improve, I think you should put all of your information in order. From what we did first to what we did last, and maybe even put what we talked about. Also I thought your font was a bit distracting, so keep in mind of what the bloggers might think. I hope that you will take what we say and add it to all the wonderful things you are doing, GOOD JOB! :)

  11. Good Job! It was very well explained and the video was great!. You added colours where it was important. I agree with the other students that you should put a link in your post but rather than that you did a Great Job!!

  12. Good Job, Olivia. You've done real well, I really liked how you used other colors and changed font size when needed. Yes, I do agree with Errol, you should've added the "$" sign so the class or classes will know if your talking about money or just numbers. Well, I have nothing else to say but GOOD JOB. (:

  13. Good Job, Olivia. I like it when you made the font bolder when you told us what the numbers are, i thought that was very good. I agree with Josell and Errol you should of put the money sign like this "$". Excellent Job!:D

  14. hey, liv . i like the post you put on the blog.
    it makes sence and it easy to understand what your saying.

    GOOD JOB!!!!

    ^__^ ~nyu

  15. nice job thanks for showing how to put decimals!!!

  16. I did'nt really get it. If you could change
    it,it would be better if you made it eaiser.

  17. Good job olivia A i really liked your explaning greate job.

  18. AWESOME WORK OLIVA!! You did an awesome job.So ya I have nothing to say that was wrong or bad so waayda GOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  19. Good job olivia A you explained all the staff about Estimating Decimals with Multiplication

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  21. good job olivia A you explaned everything about estimating decimals with multipication