Saturday, March 13, 2010

Adding Mixed Numbers

Here is what we learned on Monday

Cheese 6/6=1 5/6 Bacon 6/6 5/6 1 5/6+ 1 5/6=
Here is one way to add this
2+6/6+ 4/6=
3 4/6
Lowest Terms: 2/3

Another strategy you can use is to create a diagram.

Take one from the last one to make the second one whole. That gives us 3 wholes and 4/6. In Lowest terms we got 3 2/3.

Steps for adding mixed numbers
1.Add the whole numbers
2.Find a common denominator for the fraction
3.Add the fractions
4.Add the whole numbers to the fractions

The word "And" in math means decimal or addition eg. 1.5 or 1+1/2

Here's 2 links you can follow to watch a video to understand more about mixed numbers.
Sorry about posting this so late, I had a bit of trouble with posting this.
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  1. Good job. You explained everything well. There was only one small problem. The word: cheese was a bit hard to see. Other than that you did good.

  2. Great job Sandra! You explained everything very well. I liked that you included links and a diagram. Next time use less bright colours because some of the colours you used made it hard to read. Other then that, good job. (:

  3. Good job! You explained everything well and you included a picture and links! The only problem was that some colours were hard to see. Anyways GOOD JOB SANDRA!! :)

  4. Sorry about the Bright colours! I will try not to make them so bright next time:/ Thanks for the suggestions:)

  5. Nice job Sandra! (: You explained everything nice. I loved the colors to be honest. And it's okay if you posted this late. Anyways, nice job! (: (Who's that person below Errol?)

  6. Great job, Sandra! you explained everything very clearly, and you had nice pictures, links, and colors, even though some were a bit bright. Other than that, great job!

  7. Nice job Sandra! You explained everything nicely.Good job including links.The colours were a little bit bright but that's okay.

  8. Great job Sandra! Your post was very colourful, but unfortunetly the 'cheese' was a bit too bright. But you can't change the fact cheese is yellow, hmm? Your diagram was a bit... messy, but I still understood it. Other from the above and the fact that your videos should have embbeded, your post is great. :)

  9. Nice job Sandra i liked you post it was really coulor full!!!

  10. Sandra, I really liked that you played with the colouring and your notes were taken down well. But next time, make the font colour more easy on the eyes, and to find a link and to take more time on your pictures. Other than that, I think you did a good job!

  11. Good Job Sandra. I like the different colours you used, but next time try not to put all the bright colours. the post was easy to understand . Great Job ! :]

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  13. good job sandra. you did a great job on explaing everything.