Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Circle Graph March 24, 2010

Circle Graph
A circle graph is a graph that represents data using sections of a circle

Sector - A section of a circle formed by 2 radii and the arc of a circle connecting the 2 radii

Eg. Circle graph

Favourite NFL teams


More specific

How many were asked ? 500

Pets of students in Mr. W's Class (24 Students)


1)What is the Title? Pets of students in Mr. W's Class? Pets of students in Mr. W's Class (24 Students)
2)What are the different categories represented by the graph ? Cat,Dog,Other and No pet
3)What is the percent of the class has a dog?25%
How many students have a dog? 6
4)% of class with cat? 33%
How many students have a cat ? 8
5) What % of the circle is represented by all sectors? 100%

Pages 290 - 291

*ps sorry , the pages didn't come up very well. ):
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  1. Great post! You put all the info the math group missed and explained it very well. You have a link, pics and a very good video. You spelled Steelers wrong though. Great job! :)

  2. Good post Lizelle! The notes were easy to understand and easy to copy down. You have a link, pictures and a video,good job with that!Thanks for putting the math pages right on the blog because it makes it easier for people. Overall Great Job!!

  3. Great job Lizelle! Your post was easy to understand. However, I think your first 2 diagrams were badly drawn. The sectors did not connect to the radii (I hope I know what I'm saying). Thank you for putting the pages on the blog. That makes it a whole lot easier. Great job, Lizelle. :)

  4. Good job Lizelle! Your post was very understandable which is great especially since I wasn't there. I liked the colours you used. They weren't too bright at all. It's good that you included both a link and video. Your pictures were good too. As both Meldrick and Olivia said, it was a good idea to include the text book pages. Awesome job. (:

  5. Good job. You explained everything well. I liked how you put the pictures of the math pages, even thought they didn't turn out so good. The only problem was that in one of the pictures on of the words were gray which was a bit hard to see. Other than that you did good.

  6. Good Job Lizelle. You explained everything really well. I liked it when you put the homework for us. I liked the pictures. The video was good and link was too. Anyways Excellent Job ! :)

  7. Great job Lizelle! You covered pretty much everything we learned in class and I liked the video and diagrams you used. I also liked how you put the textbook pages just in case someone couldn't log onto the textbook site, very smart:) Anyways, good job Lizelle!

  8. Great job, Lizelle! You explained everything we did in class nice and clearly. However, you pictures could have been drawn a bit better. It was also nice of you to upload those mathlinks pages. Good job, Lizelle!

  9. Nicely done, Lizelle! You explained everything very well that we did in class. I liked the video and your pictures. Keep it up the great work.

  10. Good job, Lizelle! Your post was very easy to understand. I liked the colours you used on your font, they weren't too bright at all or too dull. I thought that it was a good idea that you included both a link and video. It shows you took a lot of time and effort on this post. Your pictures were also very good. I especially liked that you showed the textbook pages. Awesome work!

  11. Good job! I liked the graphs that you did and everything you explained was easily understandable :)you added video and link and I like how you put the pictures of the pages of the homework on the blog. great job Lizelle! (:

  12. Nice post! I love the way your pictures are! They are so attractive. I also liked how you showed the textbook pages.. I wasn't expecting that. Next time, maybe you can put how you got the answer to those questions. ;)

  13. Thanks lizelle for telling us you made a good mistake you even had bright pics. Bright pics make a good post.
    P.s. your as funny as always don't forget that.

  14. good job lizelle. you explaind every thing good and i liked the video it really helpted.

  15. great job lizelle i really like ur post i liked everything about it and enjoyed thye vedio.

  16. Good post Lizelle(: I like how you put what we did in that class and that you put our homework in your post. Next time, try and use a better colour because the blue-ish colour seemed like it had a faded look to it. Other than that, keep up the good work(: