Monday, April 5, 2010

Create Circle Graphs

1. Construct(make, build) a circle
Use a string, compass or trace a circle.
2. Create the Central Angles
- central angle- is an angle formed by 2 radii
- the vertex of the angle is at the centre of the circle

25% like strawberry
25% like vanilla
50% like chocolate

Make a graph for the following info. 3 kids use the computer 1-3 days per week.
9 kids use the computer 0 days per week. 18 kids use the computer 4 or more days per week.

Step 1. Find out how many in total.
3+9+18= 30

Step 2. Convert to %
3 = 1 = 10 10% 1-3 days
30 10 100

9 = 3 = 30 30% 0 days
30 10 100

18 = 6 = 60 60% 4 or more days
30 10 100

50 | 180
25 | 90
10 | 36

Convert % to degrees.
10% of 360= 36 degrees
use a protractor to measure the central angle

30% of 360= 108 degrees
60% of 360= 216 degrees

Pages 296-297
Questions 4-13


  1. Great Post Errol ! You explained evergything really well. The things you should of put on it is a link and you should change some of you font to different colours for attention. Anyways Excellent Job ! (:

  2. Great post Errol! Everything was clear and made sense. I like how you made some of the important things a bright colour so they stood out. In your circle graph that showed the different flavours you forgot to put the "degrees" marks after the numbers. My only suggestions are that you should have put a link and more colours and fonts like Glenn said. Good Job!C:

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  9. Great post, Errol! It was clear, easy to understand, and well explained. You included everything you should have. I liked your pictures. You could have put a link or video or added some more color, but other than that, great job!

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  12. Great job, Errol! I really thought you had nice pictures, but next time you should add more colour to your post. You did a really good job including all the notes and the homework. Your post could be improved by adding a link and video. Other than that, I thought you did a really good job!

  13. good job the pictures were good and I liked how you changed some of the words' colours XD. You explained everything nicely but I would like to see a little more colours in this post. anyways good job :)

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