Friday, April 30, 2010

Solving one-step equations

1. Using inspection, mental math

Eg. a + 4 = 12
8 + 4 = 12
12 = 12

Ask yourself what something + 4 = 12 or 12 - something = 4

Try these:

14 = k + 5
14 = 9 + 5

t - 3 = 11
14 - 3 = 11

10 - y = 8
10 - 2 = 8

2. Model (make a picture) and solve


Bill rides 4 km to the bridge then rides to work. In total he rides 11 km. How far from the bridge to work?

4 + y = 11

4 + 7 = 11

3. Apply the opposite operation

Eg. c + 22 = 56
- 22 = -22
c = 34

Check- c + 22= 56
34 + 22 = 56
56 = 56

1st step - Isolate the variable (get the letter by itself)

2nd step - Apply the opposite operation

3rd step - Check your answer. Substitute the answer for the letter of the original equation

Opposite operation - An operation that "undoes" another operation
* subtraction and addition are opposites
* division and multiplication are opposites

Solve by applying the opposite operating - Check your answer:

1. n + 7 = 26
- 7 = -7
n = 19

Check - n + 7 = 26
19 +7 = 26
26 = 26

2. d - 3 = -5
+3 = +3
d = -2

Check - d - 3 = -5
(-2) - 3 = -5
-5 = -5

Page 398-401 # 1-22 is HOMEWORK!


  1. Great job Kristel! Your post was easy to understand and you covered everything we learned in class. I liked the colours and pictures you useed, I also liked how you put a link to get to for those of us who cannot get to the website. One thing I suggest to you is to maybe put a video, but thats ok. Overall great post:)

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  5. GREAT JOB KRISTEL! you explained it very well just like the notes, and your pictures was colourful and very easy to understand, and you also added colours..I think you should add a video or a link just in case some people dont understand the notes..but other than that GREAT JOB! :D

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