Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Integers-positive and negative whole numbers and zero
*eg. 2, -6, 91, +103, -10000

..not integers. 3/4, +1/2 , 4/5, 0.1. -0.7, 91.3, 95%, -60%

Integers can be shown on a number line or using integer chips..


  1. HW:1. I.D each integer(o is a circle)
    a) o red
    b) o blue
    c) ooo red
    D) ooooo blue
    e) ooooooo blue
    f) ooooo red

    2. represent each integer with chips and on the number line
    a) +2
    B) 6
    c) -4
    D) +7
    e) -6
    f) -8

  2. Nice job Roemer! I liked how you used different colours and the picture was nice and clear. You could've included a link or video in your post to make it better. You also forgot to include the homework... so you just made a comment which is better than nothing. Anyways, good job.

  3. Good job Roemer! I liked the different colours you usedand the picture was clear. Your post was a little small, so you could have added a link or a video, I saw videos on youtube about integers, but other than that, good job.

  4. Good Job Roemer :) Simple short and very colourful. You could've included a video though or a link. Also what Melanie said.. you forgot to include the homework in the blog. Everything else was well done! :D

  5. Good Job! I liked the way you had a picture and used different colours but your post was small like Olivia said and you should put a video..Good Job!

  6. Roemer, I think you did a good job on the blog, but I wasn't very pleased with your picture. Also, you could have had more examples of how to use a number line. Or you could have put a video and a link on your post. But I liked the fact that you played around with your colouring. But, you did a good job explaining.

  7. Good job! I liked the colours that you used and your explained things very well. The picture was good too. but instead of leaving a comment for the homework I think you should have put it in the blog.

  8. Good Job I liked the colours that you used. Maybe you should've put the homework on the post so it would be easier. The picture was well, other than that. Good job !

  9. Good Job Roemer ! The colours you put was really nice. Your pictures were really good. Next try to put the homework in the post . Anyways keep it up ! :]

  10. Good job, Roemer! You included mostly everything, and i liked your pictures and colors. You must have forgotten to add the homework to the blog, but at least you put it in a comment. Great post!

  11. Good job. Your post was very short but very good. I liked your colourful text. and image, but you lacked a link and video. Also, you should have said that red=positive and blue=negative. Anyways, good job.=)

  12. Good post Roemer(: I like how colourful your post was and how you included a picture. Next time, try to add a link.