Friday, June 4, 2010

Exam Review Study Guide

Important Definitions:
Perpendicular- lines that intersect at right angles (90 degrees)
Parallel- lines in the same plane that never cross or interest
Interescting- lines that cross at any angle
Perpendicular bisector- a line that divides a line segment in half at a right angle
Angle bisector- a line that divides an angle into two equal parts
Acute angle- an angle at less than 90 degrees
Obtuse angle- an angle more than 90 degrees
Right angle- an angle exactly 90 degrees

- the formula for the area of a triangle is base times height divided by 2.
- the formula for the area of a parallelogram is base times height.

If the base of a parallelogram is 50m and the height is 20m, what is the area?
A= bxh
A= 50 X 20
A = 1000 m 2

Converting fractions, decimals and percents...
-Remember that fractions are out of any whole number.
-Percents are out of 100.
-Decimals are out of 1.

Sorry for not including any pictures, my computer is messed up at the moment..

** Reminder **
Be sure to have the math package ready to hand in by Monday!
And study, study, study for the exaaaams.
Have a good weekend :D


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