Friday, June 4, 2010

Make sure you comment on all the blogs even the old ones?

Make sure you do all 10 of the homework package we got today so you can get marks.

1. 449-451 #3-16

2.444-445 #1-8

3.426-427 #1-17

4.405-407 #1-21

5.327-439 #1-21

6.319-322 #1-23

7.313-315 #1-20

8.270-272 #1-15

9.247-251 #1-3

10.220-221 #1-14
Perpendicular- Describe lines that intersect at right angles.
Parallel-Discribe lines in the same plane that never crossor intersect.
Intersecting- lines that cross at any angles.
Perpendicular bisector- A line that divides a line segment in half and is at right angles to it.
Angle bisector-
acute angle-
obtuse angle-
right angle-
formula area of triangle-
formula area of parallelogram- X
B x X


  1. Great job Kris! I liked how you reminded us how to do the homework package and to comment on all the blog posts and even the old ones. You told us what to define for the exam, but maybe you should of put the definitions to all the words, but thats okay. Also you also didn't do the labelling of the line segments, area, and converting. But other than that you did a great job and I liked the picture you added:)

  2. Good job Kris. Nice use of colour. I think that you could've included all the definitions since Mr. Isfeld gave them to us in class.. but that's ok. I also liked the picture. (:

  3. Good job kris. I like the picture u put up,I like the use of color and that is awesome that u put up the pages we should do to complete the homework package.

  4. Good job! Nice colours and the picture's nice :P you should have put all the definitions of the words. but you did put the page numbers that we have to do so... Good Job! (:

  5. Good job! Nice use of colors and nice picture. Its great how you put everything down its just you could have put the definitions to the words. Other then that Nice Job!

  6. Good Job Kris ! The pictures is great
    and you did a nice way of showing us what our homework package is. I like how you used the colour, Very well done !

  7. Great job Kris. Nice use of colour and nice picture. You included all of the math pages we have to do and you wrote the terms. Although I think you could have written the definitions to them but that's alright...Goob job!

  8. Good Job Kristel!..Thanks for the reminder about the homework package, its gonna help me alot!

  9. Good Job Kris. :) I liked the picture you posted up. Also thanks for reminding me about the homework package. :)

  10. Good job Kris! I like the colours you used and your picture. Next time you should put definitions for all the words. Also I don't think there should be a question mark after "Make sure you comment on all the blogs even the old ones" and the area of a parallelogram is a= bxh not B x X

  11. Good job, Chris! You reminded us of the homework package, and thanks for putting the pages we had to do up. You could have finished putting the definitions for the words, but other than that, good job!

  12. Good job, Kris. Thanks for reminding all of us to remember to comment on all the blogs and to finish up our textbook work. Good job.

  13. Good job Kris . I really liked the picture. The last thing I thought was helpful was telling us to comment on every blog ! Excellent Job ! :]

  14. Good Job Kris,I like the pictures and the way you reminded us to do our homework.Great job man:)

  15. Good job Kris! I like the use of the pictures and the colour and telling us about the homework package. Great job.

  16. Good job Kris. Your post was very easy to read. I really liked your picture, as it really does remind you to do the homework package. However, you could have done more of what we covered in class, such as labeling the angles and the line segments. Again, good job Kris. =)

  17. DUDE! I liked the picture you used and also all the colours you also showed the homework we had to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Good job Kris!!(: Thank you for showing us what pages are do for our homework package.(:

  19. Great job Kris. i like the pic and the colours