Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How To Scribe

To scribe, you must learn these terms:

Link-highlight a word and press the link button then look for a site that you think will build interest, then you copy and paste the URL. After you get a link, click on 'Preview' and test the link.
For example-Artemis Fowl

Image-find an image (Google images), then save it to your computer, then browse and find the image that you saved (delete if useless). You can change the layout and size. Then you press'Upload Image' then you're done. For example-

Video-go to Youtube, then find a video that will build interest in the math topic. Once you have found a video, click on it and go to the gray box, then highlight and copy the code that is in the box titled 'embed'. Then click 'edit HTML' on the blog, then scroll to the bottom then paste the code, then paste the code, and then click compose and preview.
For example-

Font-to change the font, click the arrow next to the word 'font', then scroll down and find a font that you like and that others can read.
For example-The quick brown fox jumps overs the lazy dog and into the stainless steel pole.

Colour-to change the colour, click on the T with the multi-coloured square, and then change the colours of important facts and titles. Try not to use too much colour, as it is distracting. Also, avoid colours like yellow, as it is hard to see.
For example-The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog and is shot by the hunter lying in wait.

Size-to change the size, click the double T's, then choose the size you want to write with. Just don't make the size too small or too large.
For example-The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog...and nothing happened to it.
Hope you enjoyed this post. :)


  1. Sorry if I left anything out or made a mistake.
    If you say the video isn't math related, is Sesame Street math related? And if you don't like my dark humour, too bad. Again, hope you enjoyed this post. :)

  2. Nice post Meldrick(: I see you decided to do the very first of the year xD I like your colour for this post and it was very organized. One thing you can do better next time is change the song to Without You-Brian Kang or Wedding Dress-Taeyang. LOL JK, but nice post(:

  3. Nice post Meldrick. Nice music video. Adam Lambert I see. x) Thanks for posting this up. Thanks for reminding me this too. This really helped. I love this post. Aha. <3

  4. Nice post Meldrick. I like the colours for your post and it was very understandable. I agree with Vincent, next time change the song to Wedding Dress-Taeyang(: Nice job!

  5. good post Meldrick is was colour

  6. Good job, Meldrick! I'm pretty sure anyone who has never done a scribe in their life could probably figure it out. I liked your link as well.