Friday, June 18, 2010

Measures of Central Tendancy

How to find the mean is by the sum(adding) of a set of values divided by the number of values in the set.
eg. 1+2+3=6/3 eg. 4,5,8,9,9
3 sets of values
=7<- this is the mean. a.k.a average
Try this mean, median, mode
A) 7,8,6,9,9,5,7,7,8,4

B) 300,250,300,300,400 pg.431-433 #2-16
-Here is a video about mean, median and mode. I hope it helps:)


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  4. Wow Sophia! I am so touched about what you said about me in your comment. Everything you said in all your comments were true, especially the first one, I sure hope people read them:) Your post was very good, and im happy you made a blog it was very understandable, colourful and I liked how you put a video link (although the video is pretty wierd, although it still talks about measures of central tendancy). Well overall, good job:D
    -your friend,

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  6. Good job Sophia. I liked the colours you used, purple & blue.(: The video was kind of weird but I got a laugh out of it.(: It talked about mean, median, mode but I got distracted by the colourful costumes and such, anyways it was okay.
    Your comments, wow they're so long.O: But they were wow, sorry if I've been mean to you or if it seems like I've ignored you, it's just sometimes I'm trying to do my work, or you're being kind of distracting. Overall, good blog. (:

  7. Great job, Sophia! Your blog was neat, nice and it explained measures of central tendancy very well! I also liked your colors and your link. It was very funny. Your comments were meaningful, nice and a good note to end the year. Good job! :D

  8. Ok so I'm back to tell you more.
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  10. All the songs I have in my head right now are:
    True Friend Graduation Day Do you remember
    Unwritten Fifteen mean,median and mode)hee hee(my version:) Wavin Flag
    Because they all have to do with all year round